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Jewel of the Cote d’Azur, only 70 kilometres from the Italian border, the city is internationally renowned for its Film Festival. The city is today a very popular luxury destination, with the best France has to offer. Along the Croisette and throughout the numerous events, immerse yourself in a universe made of glitter and parties from one of our hosted villas.

Map of Villas in Cannes

Introducing Cannes

A fishing village

Since the antiquity, Cannes has been a typical fishing village that became a seaside resort in the 19th century when the English and Russian aristocrats started to build sumptuous secondary residences. Since that period, it has continued to flourish with luxury hotels and prestigious constructions like the Palais des Festivals.

A luxury destination

Since the eighties, the city is a key destination of  luxury tourism and internationally renowned events like the Festival de Cannes, the famous film festival which rewards the world’s movie stars.

Cannes is also the place where actors who are also boat enthusiast meet during the Cannes Boat Festival- although there is no need to come at this particular time of the year to admire the most beautiful yachts in the world.

A splendid heritage

The emblematic Croisette hosts some of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the world – the Martinez, the Majestic, the JW Marriott and the Carlton are some of the most famous, forming splendid heritage buildings. The beaches and surrounding  nature are also beautiful sights.

Do not hesitate, Cannes has the best luxury offer for you, from exceptional French Cuisine and relaxing afternoons on the beach, to glitzy parties in exclusive private nightclubs – this is the place to spend a dream holiday!


A religious place

At the origin of this prestigious walk is a Provencal name, “Crouseto” which means “little cross”. An oratory placed at the far end of the cape reminds visitors of the history of the pilgrims who embarked from this point, for the island of St Honorat. Many are attracted by the holy reputation of the monks of Lérins, who used to live there.

A hostile land

The famous stroll known as La Croisette is on a land claimed from the sea. At the beginning, it was just a dirt road, swept away by the waves and storms, surrounded by reeds and swamps. Sand dunes, amongst which some stood more than 15m tall, punctuated this landscape up to the actual Rue des Etats-Unis. From this point, up to the cape of Palm Beach, was considered the world’s end and was often referred to as “the little Siberia” by the local fishermen.

From 1850 on

The city developed a decent promenade along the shore, to cater to the rich who came for the winter season. The construction of the famous Croisette was then launched. In 1874, the Boulevard was opened for the traffic up to the Rue Zamenhoff. It was only after 1890 that it was finally extended up to the end of the cape.

After the WW2

After being relatively spared by World War II, Cannes observed an unprecedented expansion in the fifties and the sixties, with the building of luxury hotels and various establishments, allowing the city to become a not-to-be-missed holiday destination. The first film Festival took place in 1947, the Palais des Festival and Des Congres was then built in 1949, and port Canto, the first private port, was built in 1964. In 1960, the Croisette promenade was more or less identical to what it was at its construction during the second empire. In order to develop a double lane for traffic and to preserve the green spaces and sandy beaches, some artificial beaches have been created.

Cannes today

The beaches are being enlarged and a corbelled construction will enable them to get 10 meters more for the creation of a true walkable promenade with the implantation of restaurants along the shore. Today, longer than 3 km, the Croisette offers a diversified walk where mythic hotels meet Casinos, with many high-end boutiques, sandy beaches, a rose garden, the new port Pierre Canto and tree-shaded gardens.

Things to do

MIPIM – The International Real Estate Show for Professionals

In March, this international property event hosts all the professionals of the real estate sector. Conferences, exhibitions, networking events – this is the ideal opportunity to meet investors or property owners and build connections. Come and attend the Award Ceremony which rewards the best real estate projects in the world.

Cannes Shopping Festival

In April, come and see the fashion shows at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in the most sought after venues of La Croisette, the beaches and in the boutiques. You will find everything from, designer brands, vintage shops, jewelry stores, swimsuit specialities, wedding dress shops. It is ideal to climb the famous steps of the Palais with a camera to capture the magic moment. When Shopping combines with the Art of Living, some magical moments are guaranteed.

Festival de Cannes

During two weeks in May of each year, the Festival de Cannes takes over the city and tabloids worldwide. Professionals in the cinema industry, international stars and up-and-coming actors rub shoulders with the crowd looking for surprising pictures and encounters.

Firework Festival

In July, this festival is held in the fantastic setting of an open bay between the iles de Lérins and the Pointe de l’Estérel, in a natural setting 400m wide and 200m high. Here the best pyro-technicians will come to compete and conquer before 200,000 people, their heads in the sky, a meeting of the gods of fireworks.

Cannes Boat Show

For several years now the most important nautical fair on the Mediterranean and leadership in the yachting sector has been the Cannes Boat Show event, held in September. All boat constructors are attending this boat exhibition, often showcasing global innovations to 50,000 visitors and clients. After this edition of the nautical fair,  the famous Royal Regattas takes place in the bay of Cannes,  showcasing old rigs and the most majestic sailboats in the world.

Places to see

Inter Continental Carlton Cannes

A 1911 hotel, which has survived the World War II attack. This is the place to be. Extremely packed during the Cannes Film Festival. There are 343 rooms, 2 bars, 2 restaurants, 10 meeting rooms as well as a private beach. It’s situated near the city’s shopping district and has outstanding views over the Bay of Cannes.

The Croisette Walkway

The promenade is bordered by palm trees, a beach with fine sand and gardens…if you take a walk down it, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable experience. Do some window shopping in the most high end boutiques while you enjoy nature’s beauty. While enjoying your stroll don’t forget to admire the luxury hotels that Cannes has to offer; the Majestic, the Carlton, the La Palme d’Or – Hotel Martinez, and the JW Marriott – Even stop in for a drink on the terrace of one of these splendid places.

Villa Rothschild

Where the city’s multimedia library enjoys the most sumptuous of settings in the “English Quarter”. Baron James de Rothschild built the Villa Rothschild in 1881. The eclectic architecture and outstanding garden are worth a visit.

The Palais des Festivals

Built in 1949, it hosts the biggest event of the year. A red carpet is rolled out and actors and directors make their way down it with big smiles. All of the most well known stars can be seen; George Clooney, Woody Allen, Brad Pitt, Sophie Marceau, Sharon Stone, etc. This is one of the most famous festivals in the world and it’s filled with a week of paparazzi, drink parties, haute-couture outfits, and interviews. It is difficult to get tickets to this event, unless you are extremely well connected, try your hand at getting them for “critics week” and “directors fortnight” and you may have some better luck.

Estérel Mountains

Nature and Gardens which are part of a beautiful mountain range for those who want to do some outdoor exploring. The Mountain Range has a specific red color which comes from its volcanic origin.

38 Villas in Cannes